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United Kingdom
:bulletblack: Name: Dark
:bulletblack: Age: 15
:bulletblack: D.O.B: 3rd August 1998
:bulletblack: Gender: Female
:bulletblack: Nationality: British
I ♥ The Colour Black♥
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:bulletblack:People I Know In Real Life;
No, this is not going to be a rant journal, surprised?
I guess by now, everyone who actually reads the journals I post, probably think that, i have no other life than to rant on pointless, stupid crap, well, not now, not anymore, I'm not mad at anything, I used to hate the world and be mass at what people expected, and the music I like to listen to, the clothes I like to wear, basically, whatever I wanted to do, that made me happy, listening to B.V.B, because they're freaking awesome, it made me happy, yeah, people stereotype it, depressing and bipolar and all them labels, well if it makes me happy, shouldn't they incourage it? If wearing black clothes, which make me feel comfortable in who I am, should they just let me wear them?
I would of thought I should be allowed, but people tried to stop, they don't want me to do things I want to do, listen to the music I want, wear the clothes I want, because that's who I am.
If anyone has the same problem, if they don't like the music you like, they don't like the clothes you like, they don't like the things you like, then, fuck you! For trying to stop me, for not letting me be who I want to be, who I am, I never stopped you from being who you want to be, so why stop me?

When I used to be mad at the world, I want mad at everyone or everything, it was the @$$holes who didn't want me to be who I want to be, why should who I am and what I do effect you as a person, why should you feel the need to put me down and make new feel bad because of whip I am.

(DouchebagsinPE) if wearing black clothes, even though in school I wear the uniform, and the way I am makes me 'emo' Then so be it, you can label me, but you can't stop me from being me and,I will not let you bring me down with you.

And to all those people who hated me, for no reason for years, was my life really that more interesting than yours, because to me, it seemed like you wanted to be in, well, I won't let you effect me anymore, and why did I let you effect me in the first place, but who knows, it could of made me a better person, made me not want to be like you, like everyone else, that's probably a reason as to why I'm different today.

To people that labelled me and I let those labels effect me, for a long time.
You called me bipolar, emo, freak, one even toss me I was asexual, because I said I didn't like anyone, ok, tell me, how does not liking anyone in that way, and wanting to stay away from being in a relationship for a long time, make new asexual f*** all your labels, just because you label yourself and let others label you, died not mean you can label new and I want to be label, I am a person, a human f*****g being, I have thoughts, I have a mind, brain, I can think for myself, I'm not some two year old that can't do anything for itself or make choices for itself.
I'm just like you, but not exact, and I'm glad I'm not like everyone on this God Damn planet, where everyone is expected to act and look a certain way, people tell me, act your age, not your shoe size, age is just a number, and the way I act at certain times in certain situations does not defy me as a person and who I am, if you have no idea who I am and just know me in a class, and you label me, like those guys in pe, and by labelling me, does that mean I can label you? What you label me as, does not make new what you label me.

Oh yeah, one more thing, f*** whoever told you, you can't listen or wear what you want.
Be whoever you wish to be, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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